My forthcoming eBook, upon which I am working between writing assignments.

I am not penning this from the standpoint of a medical health professional, because I am not one. What I am is a former smoker, who is acutely aware of how addictive cigarettes are, and the challenges a smoker must overcome to kick the habit.

I was a smoker for nine years. For much of that period, I had no desire to quit: the truth was, the act of smoking brought me immense gratification.


What’s more, as a magazine editor and publisher, working punishing hours, I had brainwashed myself into believing I couldn’t do my job sans cigarettes. Truly, I believed the cigs carried me across the finish line each month: deadlines seemed insurmountable without them.

It was a fallacy, rooted in distorted thinking fuelled by addiction. As I would discover, cigarettes neither alleviated stress nor balanced my mood. Confounding my emotions, the cigarettes were a source of misery, not comfort.


In Packing It In, I reveal how I quit smoking and my many reasons for doing so. I am adamant that my experience and methods can help you become a smoke-free zone also. I aim to do so without patronising you or boring you rigid with medical jargon as to why smokers smoke.

I quit smoking on the first attempt and have never relapsed. As a smoker, I never thought I could do it; my cravings for cigs, morning to night, were so intense. But I did. It was the wisest decision I’ve made. 


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